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Think Big 

In the decade of the 1970s, New Zealand reacted to a faltering economy, the rising price of oil and a surplus of natural gas with a set of State decisions to construct major energy projects. These projects took shape in the 1980s.

Collectively they were known as “Think Big”.

From a technology viewpoint, Think Big can be seen as the final playing out of a scenario that had its origins in the speculations of technologists who contributed in 1918 to the New Zealand Journal of Science and Technology.

It was a dramatic end to attempts to create economic well being by using technology to capitalise on indigenous resources.

Think Big concluded a technological era lasting most of the century that would give way to an information age based on the microchip.

The principal elements of the story follow:


Think Big

The Path to Think Big

A Plea for Forestry Research
A Belief in Technology
Think Big Intro
A Path to Think Big I
A Path to Think Big II
A Path to Think Big III
The Ammonia/Urea Plant
A Path to Think Big IV
The Big Decisions